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    Gator on the Second Floor???

    Here is a pen & ink and watercolour piece made for my old pal, Chris Davidson. I highly recommend that you check out his restaurant, Beaux Daddy's Canajun Grillhouse, if you are ever in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It's fantastic!


    Space Junk 2

    Yes, another piece. This one's a sequel to Space Junk, which just happens to be hanging at Art Madin Stittsville, right now. Why not buy it? WHY NOT??? 


    Bob Newhart

    Here's a new piece celebrating one of my favourite shows from my youngster-days. Why oh why have they not released season 5 or 6 yet? Was I the only person who bought 1-4? My parents had the "The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back" LP (I still have it) when I was a kid and I listened to it often. Bob Newhart is definitely one of my biggest comedy influences!