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    Hey-buh! Hey-buh! Hey-buh!

    This sculpture took awhile. Lots of trial and error but it's done. Also: a drawing.


    Idleness? Nay!

    And here you were thinking I have not been doing anything. For shame. I performed for what will likely be the last time at Absolute Comedy in Ottawa (until my triumphant return, of course). Many friends were there to see me off on my way to the new frontiers of Moncton!

    Also my "studio" has been renovated and all my stuff is packed neatly away but this doesn't mean that I have been totally inactive on the art front. I've been back in the shed carving wood and hurting my elbows & wrists. And the cuts. Must not forget the cuts. Has it been worthwhile? You tell me. (the Tilty Old Man and the Moaning Demon are for sale too! See the Artwork section for details!)


    Carving Craving?

    I made this nice frog for Courtney. Soapstone is much easier on the wrists than wood!