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    Return To Ottawa!

    Here it is folks: my triumphant return to my home town! What a night!


    News & Such

    Hello, Amo Heads! It has been awhile and I thought y'all would like some updates. Courtney & I will be in Ottawa on March 23rd and I will be doing a set at Yuk Yuk's on Elgin on my ONE-STOP CANADIAN TOUR! Come on out and say hello.

    Also, I will be doing some recording for upcoming episodes of the glenKast. Season 2 is underway and, if you haven't listened yet, why not go to iTunes and subscribe? I like attention!

    So all this to say: stay tuned! Good stuff is coming! And thanks for being a "fan".


    All My Rowdy Friends ...

    Here is a drawing I did of some of my friends in Ottawa's comedy scene. I would like to point out that there ARE some people I didn't include because of time and space constratints (I'm looking at YOU, Billy Carroll, Aaron Power, etc.) and then there are others who I COULD have drawn as giant living assholes, or hideous, woman-sized wild boars but you know ... I'm a "nice" guy. All this to say that if you know I like you and are not represented in this piece: I'm sorry. Everybody else ... well ... omitting you IS me being a nice guy!


    Last Pro-Am Wednesday!



    Podcast Summit Underway

    One awesome Ottawa podcast meets the glenKast in this amazing podcast crossover! Listen NOW