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    Hello 2016!

    Lots of shows happening. Check out the stand-up page for details. Good lord I almost typed "deets" just then. I have to watch myself. In other news: I got my first ever cellphone for Christmas and am loving it! (iPhone 5s) Send me a note if you want my number. (I will not wait by the phone) Also, my pal Scott Campagna did his first set at the Imperial Theatre in Saint John and I couldn't be more proud! Check out the video here. Fans of the Rock Solid podcast enjoyed the annual Year In Review episode and I, once again, did the artwork. Here it is. Enjoy!

    PS: Come on out to a show and say hi! I ain't in it for the money, you know!

    (Pat  - Father Time; Kyle - Baby New Year; Bruce - Caitlyn Jenner; Dirty iPod - Donald Trump; Murray - Han Solo; Christy - Fallout 4 Vault Dweller; April - Imperator Furiosa; Mike - Ash; Paul - Jon Snow)


    glenKast Discovered Frozen In Glacier!

    Yes the long-lost podcast has returned to walk the Earth once again. Rejoice! Check out Episode 205 of the glenKast!


    News & Such

    Hello, Amo Heads! It has been awhile and I thought y'all would like some updates. Courtney & I will be in Ottawa on March 23rd and I will be doing a set at Yuk Yuk's on Elgin on my ONE-STOP CANADIAN TOUR! Come on out and say hello.

    Also, I will be doing some recording for upcoming episodes of the glenKast. Season 2 is underway and, if you haven't listened yet, why not go to iTunes and subscribe? I like attention!

    So all this to say: stay tuned! Good stuff is coming! And thanks for being a "fan".


    Up To Date Update

    Hello, friends. Life has begun to settle into its new Moncton-ness for us here at Amo Manor. The move, the paper-signing, the unpacking and the routine-forming: it's been kind of nutty. Not to worry! As these samples from my sketchbook show: I have been keeping somewhat busy. Also, for the glenKast's many fan: Season 2 is just around the corner featuring a new theme song and new selections from Blake Walters! Stay tuned, gang!


    News & Such

    OK, things are crazy here at Amo Manor! We are renovating before selling the compound and moving to newer, greener pastures. Yes, soon we will be at our new location (mysterious, huh?) and we'll see what the future has in store! Meanwhile, I am performing the next two Wednesdays in a row at Absolute Comedy, so come on out & see some great comedy. Also, why not visit Josh William's website? I recently drew this for him. He likes it!


    Fresh-Baked News

    Hey Gang! Just a little note to all you comedy fans to remind you to check out my Stand-Up page for updated show schedules. I'll be doing my set on July 28th, August 10th and August 25th (so far). The schedules are updated whenever I get booked so check often!

    I love to meet people at the shows so come out and, as always: tell me I sent you!



    Welll technical problems are once again messing with the glenKast, but we'll have them fixed soon. I sold a couple of pieces at Art Mad (Space Junk and Skulls)! Also, I did my first Open Mic Monday at Absolute Comedy and I am up again on Wednesday night, June 16th. Come out and see me and, as always, tell me I sent you!


    Comedy Cavalcade!

    Did 2 shows this March. Fun! Taught papier-mache to a bunch of kids at Art Mad. Been painting and preparing for the next batch of podcasts (guests, new Tentempies music, and much much more!). Thanks to everybody for visiting and for coming out to see my stand-up comedy. Now, for the love of Pete, send me some FEEDBACK! Don't you know that every e-mail, Facebook add or what-have-you is like a nourishing crumb of lembas to a withered and starving hobbit? Feed me, Seymours. I know you're out there! Now enjoy my latest show:


    News That's New

    Hello Friends. Just a wee post to let you all know what's up here at Amo Manor. First of all, our computer problems are still unresolved but we expect to be back at full speed by next week. Also, a couple of confirmed dates for my comedy: I'll be at Yuk Yuk's Raw Talent Tuesdays On February 9th at 8:30pm and at Absolute Comedy's Pro-Am Night on Wednesday, February 17th at 8:30pm and again on Wednesday, March 24th at the same time. Hope to see you there and, as always, tell me I sent you!