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    Podcast Bonanza!

    Not really. Just one.


    Bob Newhart

    Here's a new piece celebrating one of my favourite shows from my youngster-days. Why oh why have they not released season 5 or 6 yet? Was I the only person who bought 1-4? My parents had the "The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back" LP (I still have it) when I was a kid and I listened to it often. Bob Newhart is definitely one of my biggest comedy influences!


    Fresh from the Video Farm!

    My latest set. The house was packed and everyone was great. Amazing show!


    Son of Podcast

    The technical problems are almost fixed. Here's Episode 5 of The glenKast, anyhow!


    News That's New

    Hello Friends. Just a wee post to let you all know what's up here at Amo Manor. First of all, our computer problems are still unresolved but we expect to be back at full speed by next week. Also, a couple of confirmed dates for my comedy: I'll be at Yuk Yuk's Raw Talent Tuesdays On February 9th at 8:30pm and at Absolute Comedy's Pro-Am Night on Wednesday, February 17th at 8:30pm and again on Wednesday, March 24th at the same time. Hope to see you there and, as always, tell me I sent you!


    In Memory of Paul Quarrington

    Whale music was a great book (and movie). In honour of the recently-deceased author Paul Quarrington, I painted this piece "Beached Whale Music". Yes ... it's available.


    For Courtney

    Some pieces are not for sale. This is one. Still, you can look at it all you want for free! You're all welcome. But Courtney's welcome the most.


    Artwork & Updates

    OK. So we've had some computer problems and then some internet problems. Everything is all better now but I'm sure we'll discuss these things in the next podcast (coming soon, I promise). While waiting to have internet access again, I made these paintings.

    This guy is Blind Charlie the Jazz Man, a character I created back in high school. He's never looked cooler.

    Aye, Captain. It's Mr. Scott.




    The Beatles ... Special Edition!

    Here's a "new" painting, 20 x 24, acrylic on canvas. This is one I had done a couple of years ago but something about it always bothered Courtney. The original painting of John Lennon was not right. She had mentioned it a few times since I did the painting but I finally decided to re-do Lennon. I think it's much better. You tell me! (here's the original Lennon for comparison)

    P.S.: The painting is AVAILABLE if you really like it!


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