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    News & Such

    Hello, Amo Heads! It has been awhile and I thought y'all would like some updates. Courtney & I will be in Ottawa on March 23rd and I will be doing a set at Yuk Yuk's on Elgin on my ONE-STOP CANADIAN TOUR! Come on out and say hello.

    Also, I will be doing some recording for upcoming episodes of the glenKast. Season 2 is underway and, if you haven't listened yet, why not go to iTunes and subscribe? I like attention!

    So all this to say: stay tuned! Good stuff is coming! And thanks for being a "fan".


    All My Rowdy Friends ...

    Here is a drawing I did of some of my friends in Ottawa's comedy scene. I would like to point out that there ARE some people I didn't include because of time and space constratints (I'm looking at YOU, Billy Carroll, Aaron Power, etc.) and then there are others who I COULD have drawn as giant living assholes, or hideous, woman-sized wild boars but you know ... I'm a "nice" guy. All this to say that if you know I like you and are not represented in this piece: I'm sorry. Everybody else ... well ... omitting you IS me being a nice guy!


    Fresh Podcast! Low, Low Price!

    It's a new episode of the glenKast, gang! News and new music. What more could you ask for? (Do not answer)


    New Painting!!!! Oh God!!! My eyes!!!!!

    Here's my latest painting: Rush Hour.

    Also: I am competing in the Moncton Hubcap Comedy Festival's Open Mic contest tomorrow night. Also: I am MC-ing the shows on Friday & Saturday night at Joker's Comedy Club on Main Street here in Moncton. My first Moncton show AND my first paid gigs! I admit to being somewhat proud of myself today!


    Idleness? Nay!

    And here you were thinking I have not been doing anything. For shame. I performed for what will likely be the last time at Absolute Comedy in Ottawa (until my triumphant return, of course). Many friends were there to see me off on my way to the new frontiers of Moncton!

    Also my "studio" has been renovated and all my stuff is packed neatly away but this doesn't mean that I have been totally inactive on the art front. I've been back in the shed carving wood and hurting my elbows & wrists. And the cuts. Must not forget the cuts. Has it been worthwhile? You tell me. (the Tilty Old Man and the Moaning Demon are for sale too! See the Artwork section for details!)


    Last Pro-Am Wednesday!



    New Standing Up Comedies!

    My set from Absolute Comedy, 29-09-10.


    Fresh-Baked News

    Hey Gang! Just a little note to all you comedy fans to remind you to check out my Stand-Up page for updated show schedules. I'll be doing my set on July 28th, August 10th and August 25th (so far). The schedules are updated whenever I get booked so check often!

    I love to meet people at the shows so come out and, as always: tell me I sent you!


    Even MO Funny, Still No Money!

    My Uncle Rick and cousins Dan & Marc were there! Why weren't You???


    Mo Funny, No Money

    Here you go.

    Enjoy! Thanks to Mom, Dad & my baby brother Jim (and wife, Tracey) for coming out!